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Restoration Water Pot Small

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This reclaimed water pot started its journey in the Indian subcontinent, where it is known as a matki. The matki has been used as a home water storage cooler for families of every class since ancient times. However, as India & its surrounding countries have grown in affluence, many pots have had taps attached for convenience, so these original designs are increasingly uncommon.

The matki provides storages for clean & cold water to many remote homes with no access to services. Water is kept cool through a simple evaporative process within the pot, which sustains a water temperature cooler than that outside. Hence, the pot is relied on throughout the summer, when temperatures exceed 40⁰C.

The pot is crafted from a blend of natural earth clays, which are dug by hand from 10 feet beneath the surface. Once the clay is removed, it begins an 8-day transformation into the matki. The clay is mixed with fresh spring water, shaped, finished, polished & dried, then baked in a kiln for 5 days. The finished product, a completed earthen pot - the home water cooler.

Due to these being bespoke items, dimensions will vary.


H40 x W40 x D40cm