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Silverwood Pie Plate - 10"

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This shallow pie plate is an ideal size and depth for tarts and pies of all types.

Modelled on a traditional enamel plate, and handcrafted in England from anodised aluminium, this pie plate is designed to achieve two objectives. Firstly, to cook evenly across the base, preventing soggy bottoms. Secondly, to last for a generation, using sturdy anodised metal, meaning you won't need to buy another. Up your kitchen game!

  • Handmade in Birmingham.
  • Specially engineered, industrial grade metal.
  • Signature heat spread technology - alloy core designed to spread heat quickly and evenly, creating a perfect bake.
  • Guaranteed for 25 years (T&Cs Apply)

Top Tip: lightly grease the plate's surface before baking to ensure the finished bake will slide off easily.

Handwash only.


Diameter: 10"