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UK Candle Manufacturer - St Eval

UK Candle Manufacturer - St Eval

Candle Making in Cornwall

When choosing products to stock here at House & Home, we consider a variety of factors to ensure we tick the boxes for customers, while also operating sustainably & ethically. On those latter points, we strive to make a positive impact on the planet, by sourcing from the UK to reduce carbon footprint & removing single use plastics in products and packaging. As a bricks & mortar hardware store, this is not possible 100% of the time, however candles are one department where it certainly is - which is why we stock St Eval.

Named after the small Cornish community where they reside on a working farm, St Eval have been perfecting the art of candle making for over 25 years. Combing traditional methods with responsible ethics and a modern outlook, their large range features scents inspired by nature surrounding the farm.

All their candles are poured by hand, using a combination of 3 traditional methods: drawing, pouring and moulding. Their production line is a bit more professional than the original farmhouse kitchen, but these processes remain authentic.


Drawing involves pulling cotton wick strings around large cylinder drums in figure of eight shapes.

St Eval run 2 drawing machines, the first being a fantastic piece of German engineering from the 1940’s, while the second is an exact copy of this model, built by a local engineer.

Both machines run simultaneously every day to create their long dinner candles, mini candles and long pillars. This method supports a full range of scents and colours.


While this may sound a simple process, it takes skill to ensure a consistent and premium burn on the candle, with zero pockets of air and no fragrance reduction. St Eval are a premium brand, so these factors are important to create a quality candle experience, every time.

Using a unique blend of wax and fragrance, they hand pour a variety of shapes including pots, tins and tealights. To do this, the wick is firstly fixed to the base and then wax is gradually poured in stages.


Moulding is how St Eval first got off the ground. Their range of ivory church pillar candles, and multi-wick candles are still made this way.

As the name suggests, a mould is created specific to the size and shape of the candle. Melted wax is then poured into the cast and removed once cool.

Throughout all these processes, care is taken to ensure the finished product consistently meets high standards. Preserving and improving candle manufacturing is vital to St Eval, which is why they are a member of the British Candle Makers Federation, pioneering to ensure all candles made in the UK provide a safe, high quality & consistent burn.


St Eval’s mission is to keep traditions alive, while being kind to the planet and supporting the UK economy. They are a business we can stand behind, and we are proud to stock their candles both in-store and online.

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