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Romantic Dinner Ideas - Valentine's Day

Romantic Dinner Ideas - Valentine's Day

Making a special Valentine's Day dinner at home isn't easy - which is why we usually book a restaurant! However, it's 2021, and home cooking is the reality. Here we will give you some top tips to go the extra mile and serve the ultimate Valentine's Day dinner.

First of all, you need the food. We recommend looking at some of these romantic recipes

Tip 1: Don't Overlook Dessert

For those with a sweet tooth, a good dessert is more important than the main course. To make this romantic, we suggest using a heart cookie cutter to mould your dessert. This works for mini cheesecakes, sponge cakes or cookies, and there's even a double heart option - if you have room!

Or, why not go full out, with a chocolate fondue set and a platter of fruit & treats to dip!


With the food sorted, your attention can turn to the table. This is usually a last minute how to set the table properly and straighten the cutlery, but with a bit of forethought, you can easily create a romantic spread (tips 2-4)

Tip 2. Slate Heart Dinner Plate

This is a simple way to present your hard-prepared meal, although does require a delicate hand and a good eye to perfect. These heart shaped slates are really stylish for main courses, desserts or starters.




Tip 3. Use Proper Steak Knives

If you're cooking a steak, then don't ruin the experience with blunt dinner knives. This set of 2 stainless steel knives are a small investment, but make a real difference to the enjoyment of your meat.

Tip 4. Stylish Champagne Flutes

For a proper celebration, open a bottle of bubbly and serve into some fancy champagne glasses. This is a definite winner!

Tip 5. A Cocktail Never Goes Amiss

Mix their favourite drink as a thoughtful addition, or use one of these great romantic recipes. Our top tip for extra brownie points - freeze some love heart ice cubes!


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Happy Valentine's Day! <3

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