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Peugeot Paris Classic Salt Mill - 22cm

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A classic designed salt mill from the masters, Peugeot.

The Peugeot Paris mill collection is unchallenged as the industry leader for professionals & hobbyists alike. Known across the world as a symbol of fine dining & culinary excellence.

Grinding rock salt is often overlooked, yet it is vital to mastering food and cuisine. Salt rock is extracted from subterranean deposits, where evaporation from the seas across millennia has allowed it to accumulate, rich in trace-elements and minerals. The mechanism in this mill is specifically designed for this dry cooking salt, so that flavour can be effectively enhanced for maximum enjoyment. The stainless-steel grinder will resist wear such as rust & corrosion and is shaped to fit salt crystals up to 4mm and refine them to a fine powder. Most shop bought rock salts are perfectly suited to this mill.

Height: 22cm